Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth Support Doula 


The excitement of finding out you’re pregnant is only too soon replaced by thoughts of preparing for the birth and what kind of birth you want. Hospital or home birth? Midwife or doctor? With so many resources available at your fingertips, it can be easy to get overwhelmed. As your pregnancy, labor, and birth doula, I can help you prepare for the birth you desire and be with you as you work to bring your beautiful baby into the world.


Fee includes the following:


  • ONE COMPLEMENTARY VISIT: This is a chance to meet, ask questions, and decide if I’m the doula for you.


  • TWO PRENATAL VISITS: Together we will create your birth plan, ask questions, learn about what to expect in labor and about caring for a newborn. Plan for your postpartum recovery period.

  • PHONE OR EMAIL SUPPORT: Once hired, I will be available to you to answer questions and provide resources of interest to you.

  • ON-CALL LABOR SUPPORT: From 37 weeks, I will be available to you night or day when you go into labor. If you’ve prepared for your labor with HypnoBirthing, I can guide you with visualizations and meditations. I can also provide counter pressure, massage, position recommendations, and more. Each labor, like each baby, is unique. I don’t replace your partner. Instead, I am part of your labor team, aiming to make your labor as comfortable  as possible and assisting you in getting the birth you’ve been dreaming of since you first learned the news.After baby arrives, I will stay with you through the immediate postpartum until you feel ready for me to go and leave you with your bundle of joy. 

  • POSTPARTUM VISITATION: I will come see how you’re doing in your recovery and how you’re feeling. If help is needed, I will do my best to help you get it. I am also available as a postpartum doula, and breastfeeding counselor, if desired or needed.