$375 for 5 weekly group classes

$495 for 5 private sessions


Hypnobirthing is a method for childbirth that is calm and gentle. It uses self-hypnosis and education to enable the mother to birth without fear and with joy. Normally classes are held in person, in group sessions, but due to the global pandemic, they are being offered online for the remainder of 2020. Locally, they are still offered in person if that is the preferred method. We will use small groups to be able to all have plenty of personal space. 


I offer individual, private sessions as well. This option offers more flexibility in session frequency, especially if you are late in your pregnancy and want to ensure getting through the lessons. 

Price includes: 5 classes, a book, workbook, and Rainbow Relaxation


This is a Zoom meeting. Every Friday evening from 6:30 PM to 9 PM

September 11 - October 9, 2020


This is a Zoom Meeting. Every Saturday evening from 5:30 - 8 PM

October 24 - November 21, 2020 


This is a Zoom Meeting. Every Sunday evening from 5:30 - 8 PM

Nov 29 - Dec 27, 2020


This is a Zoom Meeting.

Every Friday evening from 6:30 - 9 PM

Jan 8 - Feb 5, 2021

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